Africa : Commodity Bridgehead to Asia
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Mobile Connectivity Is To Africa What Infrastructure Is To The west #Investorseurope Mauritius

Mobile Connectivity Is To Africa What Infrastructure Is To The west #Investorseurope Mauritius | Africa : Commodity Bridgehead to Asia |
Twice as many sub-Saharan Africans have mobile phone access than access to paved roads. Mobile connectivity is to Africa what infrastructure is to the West.
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"Without credit, how do you show a provider it is worth building a phone line and connecting you to its service? How can you guarantee its investment in you and in your phone line is going to pay off?"

8A BenB's curator insight, March 24, 10:48 AM
This article was about the connectivity from Africa and the west. The main idea that the article was to point out the flaws of companies that fix things like running water, and cellular service to gladly help people in places like the Americas, but in places like Africa people have to come up with alternative solutions or just not do what they wanted to. The article then mentions this new company in places like Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya called K-MOPA. K-MOPA is a company that provides solar panels to over 400,000 homes in East Africa. This article can connect to our class because the article is mainly setting place in West Africa where lots of people don’t live in the best conditions (Dominic, Rose, Nancy) to try to help improve their lifestyles. In conclusion this was kind of a weird article because I think the author was paid to write this article as a sort of advertisement for the company.
Africa : Commodity Bridgehead to Asia
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