Africa : Commodity Bridgehead to Asia
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Startup In Nairobi: All Roads Led To Africa's Mobile Revolution @Investorseurope

Startup In Nairobi: All Roads Led To Africa's Mobile Revolution @Investorseurope | Africa : Commodity Bridgehead to Asia |
At MIT, Kenfield Griffith thought he'd solve the world’s problems. Then he arrived in Kibera. Born in the Caribbean, educated in Boston, startup in Nairobi.
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"Nairobi-based startup mSurvey is transforming the way entrepreneurs do market research by leveraging mobile phone messaging technologies to extract previously unobtainable data from the growing community of cellphone users across the world"

8A BenB's curator insight, March 10, 11:59 AM
This article was about the data collecting and surveying in places like Kenya. The main writer of the article Fredrick Ngugi, talks about the lack of Infrastructure like hospitals and financial institutions in places like Africa. It then introduces us to Kenfield Griffith a student at the Massachusetts Institution of Technology. Griffith has been studying emerging markets for the past couple months. He said his biggest problem was finding accurate data. To fix this problem Griffith created a company to primarily collect accurate data. They decided to test their surveys in Kenya by sending surveys to people in Kenya with cellphones with the promise of .40 US dollars. The question was “where do you go to get your news.” around 36 percent of people getting it from TV and 40 percent from Social Media and the rest being other sources. The company is meant to use to renovate the business and economy in developing countries. This helps me understand Africa by comparing the wealth between the what Africa's economy used to be and how it is now. I think that taking data from such a small percentage of people that have cell phones defeats the purpose of a representation of a whole country. Only about 10% of adults in Kenya have cell phones which is a tiny percent of people that were surveyed. In conclusion this article doesn't serve much purpose to anyone other than to advertise there business
Africa : Commodity Bridgehead to Asia
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