Corruption 'crisis' in Kenya -  US ambassador | Africa : Commodity Bridgehead to Asia |
Kenya is suffering a "crisis" of corruption, the US ambassador to the east African nation said in blistering criticism on Monday, warning that officials stealing from the public purse must be prosecuted.

"Corruption is a crisis in Kenya. As I have said frequently, it is undermining the country's future," Ambassador Robert Godec said at the launch of a $650m US-backed programme to buy lifesaving drugs for Kenya's Medical Supplies Authority.

"Corruption threatens Kenya's economic growth, the provision of government services, and security," he added. "It threatens the country's health care system. It must end."

Newspaper front pages this month have been dominated by a string of corruption scandals.

They include a parliamentary inquiry in the devolution ministry, where officials are alleged to have massively inflated government purchases, including the much criticised case of spending $85 for a simple pen.

Via Jim Wesberry